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Care Maps

Atrium Centers is a leader in care coordination. We utilize a program of Care Maps to develop individualized care plans which specify clinical and rehabilitation goals that are measurable and drive the management of each resident’s care. Care Maps provide a smooth transition from acute care, to nursing care, to home.

Care Mapping is a tool that helps us estimate the amount of time and the best route to take on your road to recovery. We will design a therapy program following our evaluation and consultation with your physician based upon your individualized needs.

Benefits of Care Mapping Upon Admission

  • To optimize delivery of skilled services
  • To accomplish the highest possible level of clinical outcomes
  • To improve communication with resident and family members
  • To effectively coordinate skilled services among multiple disciplines
  • To fully comply with all regulatory guidelines outlined within the Medicare program
  • To ensure the resident receives the fullest extent of his or her entitled benefits

Care Map Diagnosis Specific Guidelines

  • Provides an estimated length of stay range for skilled services. Estimated length of stay is based on historical trends by diagnosis and typical treatment and recovery periods
  • The Care Map assists with the scheduling of rehabilitation services and treatments
  • Assists with the monitoring of resident improvement and intended outcomes of both the medical condition and the discharge location (home, assisted living, etc.)