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Our Commitment to Excellence

Our staff sets the standard for excellence in all departments and all services we provide. We believe that our goal is to create an environment which promotes independence and safety while focusing on improving the quality of life for each patient.

Excellence is measured in many ways including:

  • Annual Department of Health surveys
  • Industry recognition including proud recipient of the American Health Care Association Quality Award*
  • Many staff members who have had family and friends stay at the community for rehabilitation and extended stays
  • Family, resident, and staff feedback on satisfaction and responsiveness
  • The Atrium Advantage Customer Service program
  • Staff members recognized for professional achievements in clinical and service excellence
  • Community and staff recognized by Atrium at the company’s annual conference
  • Five-Star Rating
  • Advancing Excellence

* The National Quality Award Program is based on the core values and criteria of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Program

Five-Star Quality Rating

The Five-Star Quality Rating system helps patients, families and caregivers compare nursing homes. The rating system is an outgrowth of the Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 1987, a nursing home reform law, and more recent quality improvement campaigns such as Advancing Excellence in America’s Nursing Homes.

Nursing home ratings are taken from three sources of data:

  1. Health inspections
  2. Staffing
  3. Quality measures

A star rating is provided for each of these three sources, in case some areas are more important to you than others. Then, these three ratings are combined to calculate an overall rating.

Let’s look at the three sources of data more closely.

Health inspections, the first source, are comprehensive. The process looks at all major aspects of care in a nursing home – about 180 different items. The information is compiled during onsite visits by trained inspectors. These objective surveyors inspect medical records and talk with residents about their care.

Staffing, the second source of data, looks at the overall number of staff compared to the number of residents and how many of the staff are trained nurses. The ratings consider differences in how sick the nursing home residents are in each nursing home, since that makes a difference in how many staff members are needed.

Quality measures, the final source of data, take an in-depth look at how well each nursing home performs on 10 important aspects of care. For example, these measures show how well the nursing home helps residents keep their ability to dress and eat, or how well the home prevents and treats pressure ulcers.

The Five-Star Quality Ratings are an important resource for consumers but are not intended to be the sole means of evaluating a nursing home. For instance, due to variations in how inspections are conducted from state to state, the best comparisons are made by looking at nursing homes within the same state. The ratings are not a substitute for visiting a nursing home. Use the ratings to generate questions to ask when you schedule your visit. More information is available at www.medicare.gov.

Advancing Excellence

One of the most important industry-wide indicators of quality is known as Advancing Excellence in America’s Nursing Homes. Atrium is proud to be a member of this major, collaborative initiative to achieve the highest level of physical, mental and psychosocial well-being for all individuals receiving long-term care.

Advancing Excellence unites nursing homes, consumers, healthcare professionals, caregivers, and government agencies in an effort to strengthen the workforce and improve clinical outcomes. Since 2006, Advancing Excellence has focused its combined resources on eight goals:

  • To minimize staff turnover
  • To employ consistent assignment of caregivers, enabling residents to develop and maintain relationships with their caregivers
  • To reduce or eliminate the use of restraints
  • To prevent pressure ulcers
  • To prevent or minimize moderate to severe pain
  • To institute advance care planning
  • To assess resident and family satisfaction
  • To assess staff satisfaction.

Advancing Excellence has contributed to the improved quality of life for 1.5 million Americans who are residents of healthcare communities. An essential strategy of Advancing Excellence is the identification of quality targets and the implementation of measurement standards to reach those goals.

For more information, visit the Advancing Excellence website at www.nhqualitycampaign.org.

National Quality Award Program

The American Health Care Association’s National Quality Award Program provides a pathway for providers of long-term care services to achieve performance excellence. The program is based on the core values and criteria of the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program.

The National Quality Award Program has three progressive levels. Applications are judged by trained examiners who provide feedback on opportunities for improvement to support continuous learning. communities must achieve an award at each level to progress to the next level.

Bronze, Commitment to Quality, is the first step. Applicants develop an organizational profile including vision and mission statements, an awareness of their environment and customers’ expectations, and a demonstration of their ability to improve a process.

Silver, Achievement in Quality, is the second level. Applicants show good performance outcomes, focus on the future, demonstrate residence-focused excellence, engage management by innovation and focus on results and creating value.

Gold, Excellence in Quality, is the highest level. Applicants must show superior performance over time that is based on leadership, strategic planning, customer focus, measurement, analysis and results. Gold applicants address the complete Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence in Health Care.

Look for the seal of the American Health Care Association’s National Quality Award Program. For more information, see www.ahcancal.org/quality_improvement/quality_award.

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