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The Pre-Hab Advantage

Any surgical procedure is stressful. By having you come in to meet us before surgery, we can relieve your anxieties and focus your energy on realistic, positive outcomes. Because mental attitude plays such a vital role in recovery and rehabilitation, our Pre-Hab Program gives you a real advantage.

Our Pre-Hab Program is designed for people about to undergo an elective orthopedic procedure. It’s an opportunity for you to visit our community, get to know us, and learn what to expect after surgery. Our goal is to prepare you for the postoperative recovery and rehabilitation process and to put your mind at ease.

The Pre-Hab Visit

Usually, you’ll start your visit with a tour, including possible room selections and the rehabilitation department.

During your visit you will learn about:

  • The admission process
  • The nursing assessments
  • The rehabilitation process
  • Techniques for pain management
  • Post-surgical expectations
  • Adaptive equipment
  • Explanations of Medicare benefits
  • Insurance verification

When you’re ready, you’ll meet with our admissions director and take care of the necessary paperwork. By taking care of this before surgery, you can begin to focus on your recovery as soon as you arrive from the hospital.

To schedule your Pre-Hab tour please contact our admissions director.