Education is being rolled out at each Atrium Facility, it is mandatory for ALL staff, residents and family.


Quality Assessment and Process Improvement, also referred to as QAPI, is an approach to improving safety and quality of care within a nursing facility. All nursing facilities must develop, implement and maintain an effective, data-driven QAPI program that focuses on care outcomes. The goal is to transform and improve the quality of life for all nursing home residents.


Quality activities in nursing facilities may include, but are not limited to:

  • Identifying problems as well as areas for improvement in the delivery of care and services.
  • Identifying and addressing safety concerns within the facility.
  • Making improvements that will enhance the quality of life for nursing home residents.


Staff members are encouraged to engage leadership with ideas and feedback on ways to enhance the quality of life, quality of care, and safety for all residents. Your input is valued and is the core of a successful QAPI program. Let’s work together to make our facility the best it can be!

Staff, Residents, and Families

Effective communication is a crucial component of a successful QAPI program. All levels of staff should be involved in planning and improving systems and processes in order to obtain effective results. The opinions and priorities of individual residents and family members should also guide QAPI efforts.

The governing body can create an atmosphere where identifying and reporting quality problems is encouraged by establishing systems to collect data from staff, residents, families and others. The QAA committee may consider having a feedback system in place to communicate the progress and outcomes of individual QAPI projects to interested parties